Women at Fashion Meets Finance Event Disappoint Us

The invitation for Fashion Meets Finance occasion held finally Thursday at Taj read, “ladies in fashion want males who are able to facilitate their particular pre-30 marriage/retirement strategy … And males in money require ladies who enables them to control their unique profession within their internet dating money.” That would’ve thunk these content would draw a lot of people to RSVP (over 1,000 — double the capacity of Taj) that the company will have to change out more than half of these? We indicate, whenever we

first reported

on this subject event, we assumed ladies like united states would discover the premise (a) needless since it’s impossible to have a drink above two foot from a banker (or their ilk) contained in this town and (b) repulsive/offensive since it assumes fashion chicks are blatant silver diggers. We thought the whole lot might remind a percentage of them to prove these weren’t.

This is what certain women said in regards to the event:

Cindy, a twentysomething, made an effort to imagine she don’t love salary but fails to encourage:

“it was not actually about much they made, it actually was about where they worked, plus it was actually the truth they certainly were ready to put their own names and amount they certainly were producing … which they had been that positive to get it in to the profile” — [

Ed. notice: This is a recommended a portion of the sign-up process

] — “which was interesting in my opinion.”

Jessica Anderson, 31, stated:

“ladies would you like to fulfill winning males. You don’t want to marry some loser.”

And Kerry, 26, confessed:

“[My companion’s earnings] needs to be greater than my own … All ladies are selecting tags or love.”

Never these females learn a person’s cash isn’t almost as essential as how he


? Never reveal we are the final folks who are low like this.

DOUGH task


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Fashion Meets Finance ‘Purifies the Dating Pool’